Tom Corven

In a brutal world, the uniting power of family can mean the difference between life and death and yet a single person, tapping the power within, can destroy them all. Find Both Books On Amazon
copyright Paul Story

The Journal

A loner from birth, Jack Burns is afflicted by an unusual birthmark on his face. A chance find links him to the appearance of two infants found in a castle courtyard 16 years before. Soon he is alone in a harsh future where he discovers an ally in Billy McCaul as he tries to rescue his childhood sweetheart from the soldier he once trained. Jack is no longer the lost boy. He is a young man blessed with courage and the knowledge that what he thought were dreams were not dreams at all. They are his route to the minds of others; a link to the soldier’s inner world. Jack must find a way to destroy those links even as an army of lost souls closes around him.